april, 2018

21apr - 22apr 2110:15 pmapr 22Throat Singers of Tuva10:15 pm - 10:15 pm (22) GMT+08 1 Esplanade Drive Singapore 038981

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“For centuries, the low, droning call of the Tuvan herdsman has resounded in the vast, cold grasslands of Tuva between Siberia and Mongolia, the land of herding, wrestling, shamanism, wildly romantic folklore, and Tuvan throat-singing known as xöömei.

Perhaps best described as one man singing a three- or four-part harmony, xöömei is a feat that takes years to master. Lush with overtones, it honours earth, animal, water and sky, mimicking the sounds of the land with all its deep, sonorous, windswept tones while transporting listeners to a world of rushing waters, whistling winds, galloping horses and wild birdsong.

Today, it is still practiced as part of the traditional Tuvan way of life, now performed in ensemble with traditional instruments such as the horse head fiddle, capturing the hearts of audiences worldwide.

Among its biggest stars are four-piece Huun-Huur-Tu.”

Ticket Price: FREE


21 (Saturday) 10:15 pm - 22 (Sunday) 10:15 pm GMT+08


Esplanade Concourse

1 Esplanade Drive Singapore 038981

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