Published on 19 November 2017

Gilbert-George Khilafah: Courtesy of White Cube Gallery London

The Parkview Museum launches a major international art exhibition titled “The Artist’s Voice” curated by renowned curator Lorand Hegyi.

By Melanie Lee

The Parkview Museum Singapore may have just opened this year, but it’s definitely pulling in all the punches with this eye-catching exhibition featuring deeply personal and evocative works of art by the best contemporary artists from around the world.

Expect to see works from big names such as Marina Abramovic, Gilbert & George, Wang Luyan and Dennis Oppenheim. Curated by Lorand Hegyi, one of Europe’s foremost curators and art historians, the exhibition reinforces a powerful message that contemporary art is emotional and passionate, and conveys important visual metaphors about human existence.

“It is simply about what the artists say. They do not merely paint a beautiful picture or make a sculpture; they say something with that. There is a strong message, there is something personal, something very much engaged on a personal participation of the real life,” Hegyi explains.

It’s precisely because of the direct nature of the artworks chosen that he believes anyone can appreciate this exhibition. “There’s an enormous amount of material to enjoy and I don’t think you need to understand all the levels of meaning and structures with these works because they are just so powerful visually,” he says during an interview with The A List. “Whether one likes such art or not depends how much one decides to let in. Some of the works can be perceived as dramatic and violent because some people just don’t want to be confronted with heavy messages. But I don’t believe that art should be regarded as entertainment.”

The exhibition features a diverse range of work from 34 artists, with a mix of paintings, installations and sculpture that showcase the narrative language of contemporary art. The contexts of these works are just as eclectic, ranging from truth, religion and war to personal identity, isolation and disorientation.

“The Artist’s Voice” is the first show in a series of thematic exhibitions focusing on contemporary art by The Parkview Museum, a private museum established by the Parkview Group to encourage integration and appreciation of art in everyday life. The Group opened its first museum in 2014 with The Parkview Museum Beijing.

Muntean Rosenblum Untitled: Courtesy of The Parkview Museum Collection
Left (Arnulf Rainer Death Mask 2: The Parkview Museum Collection) Right (Marina Abramovic Pietà: Courtesy of Collezione La Gaia, Busca-Italy)


“The Artist’s Voice” will be held at The Parkview Museum Singapore till 17 March 2018. Click here for more information.

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