Arts Aloud – Jun 17

Published on 26 May 2017

Discover how the arts have made a change in the lives of some of our fellow everyday Singaporeans.

“In March, I started a 12-week watercolour foundation course with Lucinda Law, who is an inspiring botanical watercolour artist. Every session, we’re greeted with refreshing teas that Lucinda has brought back from her travels, and a handwritten inspirational quote on every person’s place card. She starts the class by telling us what plant or flower we’re going to paint, highlighting its unique features. She teaches us special techniques to carefully observe the smallest details of each plant with the eye of an artist, so that we can draw and paint it realistically. We learn about colour mixing and how water can be our ‘best friend or worst enemy’. For as long as I can remember, I’ve been drawing, painting and crafting. One day I hope to pursue my interests as a career. This watercolour course is one of the ways I can express my creativity and develop my artistic skills.”


“ An event I attended recently was Wicked Aura’s album launch. Wicked Aura is a homegrown percussion band that is well-known for their explosive percussive performances. I went to support a friend who is in the band, and was quite blown away by their professionalism as performers — it was worth every single cent. I strongly believe that everyone should experience their shows! I think Singaporeans should break away from stereotyping local bands as being ‘not as good’ as foreign ones. The Singapore arts scene is growing and we are seeing a rise in the quality of local bands in a variety of genres and art forms. This experience made me realise we have so much to offer! It has also inspired me to work hard on my own art form, and to improve on the events I manage so that Singaporeans can get the most out of their experience. ”


“ In my free time, I volunteer at the National Gallery Singapore. As a docent, I tell stories about Singapore and Southeast Asian Art. Recently, the Gallery launched a new guided-tour series, Ink Flows Through, which combines the existing Wu Guanzhong [contemporary Chinese painter] collection with two new exhibitions — Strokes of Life: The Art of Chen Chong Swee and Rediscovering Treasures: Ink Art From the Xiu Hai Lou Collection. Chen is one of the earliest local artists to successfully incorporate local landscapes and subject matter into ink paintings; while the Xiu Hai Lou Collection — being the largest, most established private collection of Chinese painting and calligraphy in Singapore — showcases the evolution of modern ink art and calligraphy. In my research, I’ve not only gained more knowledge about the artists’ works, but also their life experiences and views on the art scene. I hope to share these insights in my tours. ”


“ I attended Solo Mojo 2017 — Southeast Asia’s first solo jazz boot camp — in March. I signed up because I was interested to know more about the roots of tap dance and lindy hop with reference to jazz music; and also because the teachers — Nathan Bugh, Gabriella Cook, Sing Lim and LaTasha Barnes — are really good. From this event, I learnt how far-reaching the influence of traditional jazz music and moves has been, not only for tap dance and lindy hop, but even today’s genres of dance. I loved the atmosphere of sharing among the dancers, many of whom I only met that weekend. It has inspired me to keep dancing and not be afraid to share in the jam circle. I hope to take what I’ve learnt in this festival and work on it, and to do more traditional solo jazz. I’m already looking forward to Solo Mojo 2018! ”


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