Published on 17 November 2017

The Affordable Art Fair Singapore Autumn Edition has expanded its range to include new media to keep up with global art trends.

By Melanie Lee

The latest Affordable Art Fair Singapore Autumn Edition features 70 galleries and over 500 artists from all over the world. This time round, it’s expanding its range of multi-disciplinary art installations and new media works.

“The buying habits of our visitors have evolved,” explained Alan Koh, Fair Director of Affordable Art Fair, Singapore, during the press conference. “While a bulk of the art on sale is still 2-D works such as paintings, there are people who want their art to be more experiential and try new mediums. They go into sculptures or even digital conceptual works.”

Do check out artist Chloe Manasseh’s video and sound installation titled ‘Taking a nap, feel planted, against a cool wall’ – her deconstruction and remix of reality will also incorporate live performances by musicians responding directly to the work.

There’s also the John Fawcett Foundation’s CATARART initiative which seeks to eradicate preventable blindness in Indonesia. Using a virtual reality app from the smartphone and a VR headset to simulate cataract impairment, artists are asked to create artworks under such conditions. These “impaired” pieces they create will be sold at the fair, with the proceeds going to the Foundation.

Street art also makes an appearance with multidisciplinary artist Didier “Jaba” Matthieu. He will be presenting a wall mural installation titled ‘Time Travelers’ which is inspired by both the ancient art of fresco and the futuristic vision of biomimicry and virtual reality.

How Accessible is the Affordable Art Fair?

Founded in London 18 years ago with the objective to demystify the world of art in a fun and accessible way

The fair is now held in nine countries such as New York, Milan, Stockholm, and Singapore.

The price of artwork can range between $100 and $15,000. 75% of its works are priced under $7,500.

It is compulsory that all the artwork has to be labelled with price tags.

Last November’s Affordable Art Fair Singapore welcomed 12,000 visitors and $3 million in art sales (compared to 9,500 visitors and $1.75 million in sales in 2010), reflecting the public’s growing appetite for affordable contemporary art.

Approximately 20% of the fair’s visitors have never bought an original work of art before.

Over 2.1 million people have visited an Affordable Art Fair, with over 444,000 artworks being sold since the first fair in 1999.

The Affordable Art Fair Singapore Autumn Edition 2017 takes place from 17 – 19 Nov 2017 at the F1 Pit Building. Click here for more information.  

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